Dog Sausage ** Treat only, not a complete diet

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Country of origin: Αυστραλία

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    Additional Information

    This is not a complete food and is only a treat!!
    Once cooled you could add a suitable multi vitamin or calcium supplement to it.
    Large birds (eg Macaw and African Grey's) can have small amounts. I feed no more than a teaspoon a day)

    Υλικά Για 30 δόσεις

    1/2 Φλιτζάνι brown rice
    1/4 Φλιτζάνι popping corn
    1 handful of shelled roasted almonds (optional-increases calcium content)
    1/2 καρότο
    1/2 head of broccoli
    1/2 zucchini
    300 Γραμμάρια minced lamb
    20 ml Μαγειρικό λάδι
    1 Φλιτζάνι νερό
    2 gelatin
    1 cup mixed frozen peas and corn (mine had potato too)

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