plawa-feinwerktechnik GmbH &Co. KG
Bleichereistr. 18
73066 Uhingen - Germany

Telefon +49 (7161) 93 87 20
Telefax +49 7161 93 87 260


Company: plawa-feinwerktechnik Verwaltung GmbH
Managing directors: Michael Roessler, Andrea Hildenbrand

Trade Register: Amtsgericht Ulm
Register no..: GmbH & Co. KG HRA 531835, Verwaltungs GmbH HRA 533321
VAT identification no. as per § 27a VAT law: DE 213145002
Tax no.: 63079/05154
Custom no.: 2829665
WEEE reg. no.: DE64494793
Green Point: 156336
ILN Nr.: 4004781 000002

Responsible for the content as per § 6 of the media services law: Michael Roessler

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