Agree return

If returning goods, please comply with the following instructions:

STEP 1: Deciding to return

You can decide to return a device by consulting our support staff either by e-mail or telephone.

STEP 2: Preparing for return

For a return, you need an RMA number and the returns address of one of our service centres. The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) number allows the service centre receiving the goods to assign your return. So this number must always be quoted clearly on all returns.

STEP 3: Preparing for shipping

- Our support team will give you an RMA number, which is valid for 14 days, and a shipping address. 
- Please return the product in the original packaging if possible. 
- Enclose a proof of purchase (invoice, till receipt) and the guarantee card (plus delivery notes, if available). 
- Make sure all parcels and packages are fully stamped with the correct postage depending on the size of the return package (even SD cards, for example). 
- Pack everything safely in secure outer packaging.
- Note down at least a valid RMA number clearly on the return packaging and send it all to the address given to you together with the RMA number.

Receipt of goods in our Service Centre

The following packages will be returned unopened: 
- Packages with insufficient postage (even if RMA number quoted) 
- Packages without a clear or valid RMA number on the box 
- Clearly damaged or improperly packaged consignments 
The following packages will be returned unprocessed once the contents have been checked: 
- Packages without a proof of purchase 
- Consignments not sent as a package (or small packet) 
- Packages without a faulty product