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13 functions in one device

The Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master is much more than a multifunctional kitchen machine. It has 13 functions so not only saves a huge amount of time, it also incorporates the Yumi control module and its own recipe collection, making it incredibly easy to use. Don't know what you want to cook today?

You can now simply find inspiration in the Recipe Community: Select recipes or create your own with the Yumi App. Download it now and follow the step-by-step instructions on the mobile Yumi colour display. The worldwide Recipe Community makes exchanging recipes with your friends simple and turns cooking into a real pleasure.

The Yumi control module for the Kitchen Master

Updatable. Mobile. 4.3" colour display

The Yumi control module is the heart of the Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master and combines the Yumi recipe app with the Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master. The Yumi also allows you to control the Kitchen Master in the conventional way using just the 6 buttons, i.e. to adjust the temperature, speed and time manually. The 4.3" full-colour display with its large high-contrast symbols makes handling the kitchen machine simple and intuitive.

The Yumi really comes into its own when you cook the saved recipes. The Yumi takes you through the preparation and cooking processes step by step while at the same time giving you enough flexibility to adjust the cooking settings, as all foods behave differently depending on the season and their regional origin. Interactive messages on the colour display combined with acoustic signals inform you about cooking progress and any preparation steps you need to take. Would you like to cook at the homes of friends who already have a Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master? Then all you need to do is take your Yumi with you as it fits any Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master.


The gateway to a global recipe database

Just cooking is a thing of the past. You can now take inspiration from the global Recipe Community and share recipes with friends. Simply use the Yumi app to download your favourite recipes. Do you have your own ideas for great creations? Fab, then you can create your own recipes. As you will see, cooking has never been so modern and so interactive.

And this is how it works: Log in, even if you are not yet the proud owner of a Bellini.SUPERCOOK product, and try it for yourself. Load a recipe and use the Yumi app to create a shopping list for it. Create your own recipes using the interactive Yumi app interface. Select the ingredients and describe your recipe step by step, including the machine settings, preparation stages and valuable tips. Then save a picture of your recipe and sign it with your SUPERCOOK Community user name. Now select CREATE and we will provide you with a link or an e-mail containing the recipe file. Copy the recipe folder to the Yumi SD card and that's it, simply cook and enjoy. We will also save all your recipes in your personal recipe profile to ensure that you can reload all your recipes even if you lose your SD card. The recipe database is constantly growing, giving you access to original recipes from all over the world. Whether it is genuine bolognaise from Italy, Pisco Sauer from Peru, corn flatbread from Mexico or wonderful sauces from France. Extend your tastes. If you wish, we can always notify you when a new recipe has been produced and released by SUPERCOOK chefs.

13 fantastic functions

Don't delay, try them all.

- Cook delicious pasta, rice, vegetable dishes or soups and & sauces
- Prepare herbs or vegetables for sauces and produce wonderful cooking aromas
- Steam vegetables and fish with the Vapore steam tray
- Emulsify mayonnaise and creams
- Puree baby food
- Chop fruits and vegetables
- Grind nuts
- Knead dough for delicious cakes
- Whip cream
- Grate vegetables
- Fancy mixing a drink? Prepare smoothies or cocktails .... You can even crush ice
- Powder sugar
- Grate hard cheese or chocolate

Steaming with the Vapore

Cook a complete meal with the SUPERCOOK steam cooking method

There is a long tradition of steaming in Far Eastern cuisine and it is also increasingly popular in Europe. This cooking method is among the healthiest ways of preparing food. We further perfected this method using a special approach allowing you now to cook a complete meal in one step.

For example: Fill the cooking basket of the stainless steel jar with potatoes or rice, attach the Vapore  and fill the deep steamer tray with fish or meat and the flat steamer tray with other vegetables. The clever condensation drip route prevents the condensation, protein or protein discharges being fed back into the stainless steel jar. Thus, the taste of the food you are preparing in the cooking basket of the stainless steel jar, remains unchanged.

Kitchen scale Libra

Designed for the Supercook.Bellini - an absolute match

Kitchen scale Libra was specially developed for the Bellini.SUPERCOOK SC110 and perfectly matches the housing contour of the Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master. As a result, the Libra always stands safely and can be stored neatly away after cooking. The Libra measures in 1-gram steps up to 5000 gram and allows accurate measurements even for the strictest diets. Rubber pads on the bottom ensure a robust stand. The Libra is available as optional equipment.

Product Videos

So versatile and easy is the Bellini.SUPERCOOK Kitchen Master


Datos técnicos

Material Recipiente de acero inoxidable
Capacidad 2 litros
Funciones de cocción 13
Temperatura mínima / Temperatura máxima 40 a 130 ° C, en 5 ° C pasos
Velocidades 1 - 10 + turbo
Alimentación 220 V - 230 V/ 50Hz
Dimensiones 455,2 x 233,5 x 284 mm
Accesorios incluidos  
Estándar Vapore (Set de bandejas para cocinar al vapor), tapón dosificador, recipiente de acero inoxidable, recetario, paleta mezcladora, espátula, cuchillas de acero inoxidable, cesta, tarjeta SD
OSD en pantalla D, GB, FR, ES, IT, NL, PT, RUS, HE, AR
Manual del usuario D, GB, FR, ES, IT, NL, PT, RUS, HE, AR
Nº de artículo 07060
Peso 5,2 kg
Dimensiones 455,2 x 233,5 x 284 mm
Paquete de envío  
Unidad de embalaje 1
Peso 10,8
Dimensiones 663 x 293 x 390 mm
Pantalla LCD  
Pantalla LCD Pantalla de 4,3 en color