Tomato Relish

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    Created: on 2020-11-02
    Qualified by: Supercook AUS
    Suggested by: Cheekyau
    Total preparation time: 70:16 Minutes


    I Quarter onions ,roughly chop tomatoes and weigh out each ingredient into prep bowls before I start so its all in hands reach.
    I put new (or pre used) jars into the oven on warm to heat while relish is cooking.

    Can be doubled for the SC350 with 4.5 litre bowl


    1 kilo fresh tomatoes, roughly chopped
    375 gram Brown onions, quartered
    375 gram white sugar
    125 gram water
    50 gram EZY sauce
    2 tablespoon (AUS 20ml) plain flour
    1/2 tablespoon (AUS 20ml) dry mustard
    1/2 tablespoon (AUS 20ml) curry powder
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

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