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Country of origin: Turkey

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Türkçe English

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Chile (24) Australia (11) France (6) Spain (5) Portugal (5) Germany (5) Turkey (4) Italy (3) Norway (2) Uganda (2) Afghanistan (1)

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    Created: on 2017-04-17
    Qualified by: Supercook TR
    Suggested by: madinaninmutfagi
    Total preparation time: 04:15 Minutes


    Optionally, it is served with cream.

    Ingredients For 12 serves

    400 gram dark chocolate
    360 gram butter
    6 piece eggs
    6 piece egg yolk
    120 gram sugar
    100 gram flour
    4 coffee spoon cocoa powder
    butter for greasing souffle containers
    powdered sugar to decorate

    Step by Step - Preparation

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