Openwork pancakes

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Country of origin: Kazakhstan

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русский English

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Created: on 2021-08-20
Qualified by: Supercook KAZ
Suggested by: Supercook KAZ
Total preparation time: 31:30 Minutes

Additional information: Traditional


Toast the prepared pancake mixture in a non-stick skillet on both sides

Ingredients For 6 serves

2 eggs 150 calories
5 tablespoon 15ml sugar 200 calories
0,5 teaspoon salt 0 calories
300 gram milk 160 calories
350 gram flour 1092 calories
5 tablespoon 15ml sunflower oil 600 calories
1 teaspoon Baking soda 0 calories
350 gram boiling water 0 calories

Step by Step - Preparation

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